20 Apr

How much? So far…


Well from the day I contacted the previous owner to the day we actually owned the boat there were – obviously – a bunch of costs, some expected, some a bit unexpected, but nothing too onerous.

Broker (10% cost to the seller) $0
Flights to Vancouver $544.16
Mechanical Inspection $683.05
Oil Samples (engine and transmission) $115.90
Boat Lift & Hold $309.75
Survey $1126.65
Rigging Inspection $0 (broker supplied)
Insurance $917
Wire transfer fee $80
New boat lettering (license number) $80

I anticipate that beginning immediately, I now owe moorage at Granville Island and we still have to facilitate the actual transfer of the boat which involves us flying out again, a hired skipper and moving her to her new moorage. (All costs shown are approximate.)

Remainder of mechanical issues $1500
Granville Island moorage $500
Flights to Vancouver $1000
Hired Skipper $400
First month’s moorage $456
New boat graphics $200

I will update these as the numbers change.

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