Boating Wishlist

I’ve got a pile of links and clippings and lints of things that I might someday want to buy for the boat. So I thought I would make a page to consolidate them in one easy-to-access place. Maybe a few Xmas present ideas? Most of these are generic ideas and links…for example I have my eye on the expensive sunbrella seating but just put up a generic Amazon link to something cheap as well.

Affordable laser range finder

Combo 12v/USB outlet set

Grapnel dingy anchor set

Complete wifi booster setup

2000 watt generator (Yamaha or Honda)

Stadium seating (cheap-~$50)

Or, even better, a Sport-a-Seat ($150 usd)

Salus Coastal PFD (x2)

6000mAh Wireless Travel Router Portable-SD Card

CDN Multi-Mount Oven Thermometer, Silver

Collapsible tub (for dough and dishes)

PortVisor (for over the stove)