27 Mar

Acquiring a boat—our way…

Offer accepted.

At 1:30 on March 27, 2015 our offer was accepted. We had acquired Laughing Baby and the 2003 Hunter 386 that went with her. Subject to survey, sea trials and mechanical inspection of course.

These are all the pictures from the seller’s site:

There is a long convoluted story involving Kijiji and brokers and ass-backwards deals that I will tell someday. But for now we wait to get out to Vancouver in the coming weeks for a sea trial and the survey and then we have to sail her to American waters (likely Point Roberts) to finalize the deal (otherwise we have to pay PST).

Between now and then I have to get insurance, find a marina to keep her in and start shopping for toys, I mean outfit her. All the specs can be found on the Boat tab.

Stay tuned!

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