13 Sep

Wildlife Bonanza

As we begin to move south after our extended visit to the Broughtons, it seems appropriate to do a round-up of the wildlife we’ve seen. It truly is extraordinary.


• raccoons
• black bears
• bald eagles (mature and juvenile)
• ravens, crows, and jays
• Canada geese
• cormorants
• loons
• osprey
• kingfishers
• herons
• auklets
• various other birds, particularly gulls and ducks
• orcas
• humpback whales
• Dall’s porpoises
• harbour porpoises
• Pacific white-sided dolphins
• sea lions
• seals


Still waiting…

• otter (B and Z saw four! but I haven’t see one yet)
• wolf
• cougar
• grizzly bear

… and all the other sea life that complements the basic setting of trees and rocks, such as clams, oysters, cockles, mussels, barnacles, starfish, jelly fish, and fish.


If this round-up looks like a tick list, I suppose it is. Or maybe a wish list. This trip has underlined how much I value the opportunity to view animals in their natural habitat. Some of our encounters on this trip have been mind-altering.

If you have the chance to visit the Broughtons, go: it’s a fantastic trip. Prepare to be changed!

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