14 Nov

2015 Route Roundup

I finally got around to amalgamating all my tracks from this summer’s cruise using Google’s My Maps feature. I had to email all the tracks to myself from the Navionics app  on my phone then download each KML file. Next I uploaded each file to a separate layer to Google My Maps and had to keep amalgamating the layers as My Maps will only allow you a max of 10 layers.  Occasionally I had to go in and edit the KML track if it had failed to record a bit or I didn’t start the track right upon departure. There has got to be a better way…


In the interactive map below you can select individual tracks and get some info about it, but beware, sometimes it isn’t all that accurate.

The Trip

As I have written before, if you haven’t made the trip to the Broughtons, then you should, even if you don’t think you have the time. Here is the 2 week itinerary we basically followed on last year’s trip. This year we departed on July 26 from Granville Island, Vancouver and returned to Victoria’s Inner Harbour a little over two months later on September 29 and it could have (would have) been longer if we had the time.

Here is the link to the larger Google version.

Here are a few stats

66 days in total
32 travel days
170+ hours of boating
1389 km (750 nm)

Longest day: 76.5 km (41.3 nm)
Days we sailed: 9
Days with some sailing: 4
Days we tried to sail but had to give up: 5
Highest winds: 26 knots, gusting to 29

Nights at a marina: 32
Nights at anchor: 34

Orca spottings: 6 times
Humpback spottings: 6 times
Dolphin/porpoise spottings: 2 times
Bear spottings: 1 time

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