08 Nov

Video Recap: Summer 2015

I didn’t shoot a lot of video on our trip to the Broughtons this summer although I did start out with the intent to become the next YouTube star and live off the profits. That idea lasted about 5 minutes—it’s a lot of work. But what I did shoot I decided to edit down to three short videos.

Whales, orcas, dolphins, otters, I shot them all. Other than that, mostly just a lot of beautiful scenery and some not-so-exciting sailing shots.


Part 1: from the survey on Granville Island to our arrival at Echo Bay in the Broughtons.


Part 2: from Echo Bay, our trip with Nikki van Schyndel, to arriving at Port McNeill just ahead of the big September windstorm


Part 3: from Port McNeill, back south to Portland Island just off Sidney B.C.

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